Fun with Alexa!

Chinmay: Alexa, do you know German?

Alexa: I am learning.

Chinmay: (to mumma, with eyes wide open in astonishment) Mummy, aapko pataa hai, jab hum tower 7 mein they (in our earlier house, about two years ago), tab bhi yahi same cheez kehti thi !!!

Chinmay: Alexa, do you know Switzerland?

Alexa: (says a few sentences)

Chinmay: mummy, kya matlab hai iska?

Mummy: Chin, ye keh rahi hai ki main seekh rahi hun, aur kabhi kabhi galti bhi ho jaati hai, she is still learning and keeps on making mistakes.

pause (Chinmay still contemplating over it, and comes up with this after a pause…..)

Chinmay: koi baat nahi Alexa, agar galti karte ho to. Mummy, koi baat nahi ko english mein kya bolte hain?

Mummy: “It doesn’t matter!”

Chinmay: Alexa, it doesn’t matter!


The color of the sky

Mummy aaj to sky bilkul books ke jaisa lag raha hai! White and blue.

Jab evening hoti hai to orange or pink ho jata hai, ye kaise hota hai mummy?

Sky ka color change kaise hota hai? Kaun bharta hai sky mein color?

Haan Anand, aur raat mein Black, afternoon mein itna bright! kaise?

Agar aap mirror ke saamne khade hote ho, to jo color mirror ko dikhao wohi dikhta hai, wo bhi change hota rehta hai naa!

Mumma, I want a Dog!

Anand has always been affectionate and fascinated with dogs, puppies.

Today was one of those days where he got smitten by puppy love again.

Mumma, aap mujhe puppy kab laa ke dogey? main use pyaar karunga, khelunga, uska dhyaan rakhunga.
While cycling, he lamented again. Mumma, mujhe bhi ek puppy chahiye. kab laa kar dogey?

Mum: Anand, jab aap apni poty khud saaf karna shuru karoge, tab. Kyonki fir aapko doggy ki bhi poty saaf karni hogi naa.

Stops his bike for a while (thinking to himself, oh this angle, I never thought of!)

Okay, fir mujhe doggy nahi, Cat laa do.

Mum: (throws the reality at him) Anand, for your kindest information, cat bhi poty karti hai !

No conversation for some time..

After we are back from play in the evening, he does his poty and thinks again.

Anand: Mummy, mujhe apni poty saaf nahi karni, lekin main doggy ki poty saaf kar lunga!


Sabse achcha…

Chinmay and Anand are lying on the bed, in their own worlds talking to each other or maybe just talking to themselves.

Chin: Sabse achcha Anand hai, aur koi nahi hai.. (rhythmically, not actually meaning what he is saying! mind you! Don’t get deceived by the strong brotherly love appearance)

Anand: (Listening to the rhythm forms his own lines and follows the rhythm) Sabse achcha chinmay hai, aur koi nahi hai.

Chinmay: Sabse achche Papa hai, kyonki wo humare liye Lego order karte hain.

Anand: Sabse achche Dadu hain, wo humare liye gifts laate rehte hain!

Chinmay and Anand: (common consensus) Sabse achchi Mummy nahi hain (mind you) kyonki wo humein toothbrush karaati rehti hain!



What we did this summer!

This summer vacation, we did not put the children in any extra classes. It was also out of laziness and a bit due to the fact that both my kids have varied interests and I did not want to push one into a class due to the interest of the other.

So, this vacation, we learnt how to idle around. There were many days where I saw especially the little one struggling with what to do with his time, but I did not budge in. It did pain me a bit many a times, a part of me wanted to suggest something to do, ye kar lo, wo kar lo, drawing kar lo, etc.etc.

But I did not open my mouth.

Many a times he would come and do a chipko movement to me for a few minutes. But I let him without any words. And after a few minutes, he went away.

We though invested a lot of time together, which we anyways do, bedtime stories, walking around, biking, idling around with mum and dad, board games with dadu-dadi, participating in a bit of household works, etc. But nothing to structure their time.

The other thing I enjoyed was their negotiations with each other. mostly about toys. Whatever one would pick, the other would want it only then. and then the fights and the peace agreement. In retrospect I can say it was fun, if I keep aside my standing hair and frustration over the frequent fights.

And who can talk about the Art of lying on top of papa with legs intertwined and just idling around, doing nothing!

They also made a lot of ‘khayali pulao‘ about what they wish to play with, and I must say it was mercurial in nature, everyday they will imagine a new fantasy item to play with. And the parents just had to nod their heads in approval of their choice, and the validation was enough.

And the latest from today:

Anand: Mummy, aap cockroach ko kyon balcony se bahar fenkte ho?

Mum: Aage se nahi fenku kya anand?

A: Nahi, kyunki usne kisi kaa ghar andar se dekha hi nahi, to wo humara ghar dekhne aata hai, dekhne do use. mat fenko bahar.

A: Mummy, Alexa aunty se poocho, kya chor asli mein hota hai? Aur haan, kya aunty ko koi car shop pata hai?

Alexa: I don’t know about that one!

A: mummy Alexa aunty kehti hain ki unhein bahut saari cheezein pata hain, lekin jab kuch poocho to kehti hain, I don’t know.

And yes, we also learnt about the negative overwhelming impact of toyshops on kids. Mostly such shops made them anxious, restless and too desirous of wanting things. While before the shop they were absolutely fine. And the aftereffect remained for some days. Both of us pledged not to overwhelm the kids with stuff. Keep it simple, saves money and saves anxiety.

The lego imaginations!

Chin, looking at the Lego book:
Mummy Maine aur Anand ne decide Kar liya hai.
Ki jab ten hundred years ke baad hum koi Lego lenge, to Mera ye dinosaur Wala aur Anand ka helicopter Wala.

Mum: okay

Anand: bhaiya, iska Matlab ke hum Jab ten hundred years ke ho jaayenge tab?

Chin: (thinks that it’s a bit too much and
Nahi mummy tab to hum Mar hi chuke honge!!!!!
100 years ke baad. Ten hundred ke baad nahi. (Bhaiya theek theek lagaa lo)

Chin: (imagining) mummy, humein tab koi Lego ki dukaan waala nahi Dekh payega naa?
(Chuckling) to hum uski dukaan see Lego utha lenge, use pataa nahi chalega. He he!

Anand: (sleepy contemplating on the state without a body) mummy hum zor zor se bolenge to koi sunega humari baat? Ki socho, main aapke liye paani laaun, yaa aapko bulaaun, to aapko pataa chalega ki main hi Hun wo??

Mum: Yes Anand chalega pataa, bilkul chalega!!



There are many times when something these little ones say, sends me into a state of stillness. No words come out then, Mind goes silent.

this is one of those many instances-

There is a noise as if a door has been shut closed.

The kids are playing in the other room.

Chinmay: Kaun aaya hai? abhi darwaaze ki aawaaz hui naa, kaun aaya?

Mummy: Main aayi chinmay

C: aap kahan gaye they?

M: Kahin nahi

C: Jab kahin gaye nahi they, to aaye kahan se?