The Fun of the childhood!

As we got into the elevator on the way up to our house, from the lawns downstairs, a gentleman in his late 60s was getting in too.
His eyes were stuck onto Anand’s liveliness, a kind of Masti that he is usually dripping off.
He lovingly observed Anand, and while we were getting off at our floor, he gently remarked:
“Yehi to bachpan ki mauj hai. Badaa ho kar to humaare jaisa ho jaayega.” (This is the fun, the carefree-ness of the childhood. Once he grows up, he will just become like all of us.)
Those words were loaded with the present sadness of the adult life and the good times he must have spent in his childhood. I got out of the elevator and I just could not move for a while. What did he just say?
I know that as one grows up, one CAN become stagnant, in the mind, in tendencies, and in the life itself. As if something is rotting in there.
But then, I also see remarkably young and fresh human beings, who are now a part of my daily life. People who are fresh, vibrant, alive and full of fun, just as a child. People who don’t let their consciousness get scarred by all the life events. People who are soft, vulnerable and supple inside, yet full of strength.
Many thanks for all of you out there, who inspire me and so many of us, in unsaid ways.
After I heard Uncle in the elevator say this, a prayer went out.
May each one of us have the innocence, the wisdom in oblivion, supple consciousness, a sense of wonder, and a vibrant and adventurous life, as long as we live and beyond.
Gratitude to the Uncle ji to spark this prayer, and to Anand to inspire us with his wonder, everyday! IMG-20190131-WA0050.jpg

The need to connect and share

Chinmay and Anand came back from the school. While Mummy went about in the kitchen, Anand got involved in some of his toys and Chinmay hid himself in a blanket. After a while, Mummy came to their room and gently opened up the blanket to see whether he wanted to sleep or something else was the matter.

Chinmay was awake inside, with a spoonful of tears around his eyes. Mom sat with him and asked if there was any matter he wanted to share. He sobbed and barely managed to say: No one wanted to read my Lego book in the sharing time today! No one wanted it! (wept a bit)

M: Hmm (Pause) And you, did you read their sharings?

C: Yes, I did

M: I think these 2 Lego books have been there in your bag since past few months. May be your friends have seen enough of it? What do you think? Shall we take another Lego book and put it in your bag? Something new for your friends to seek interest in?

C: Yes, they have been there a bit long. My friends have really seen them enough. I think I know which book to put.

M: (Relieved) Great, and lets fix the pages of that one before we share. Lets tape it up, to make it ready to be shared!!

Mum and Chinmay tape the book up, the pages of which are torn, due to excessive sharing and obsessive picture reading and day dreaming with it.

That’s that, and Chinmay is up, out of the blanket, ready to play with Anand.


I wondered and felt grateful! looking at his book and his willingness, a yearning rather, to share himself, his stuff that he most loves, to his friends. The book is in “fatichar” condition, but it has touched hearts, traveled houses and day dreamt with Chinmay’s friends. That’s a life well lived. “Fatichar” on the outside, yet Fully lived.

I loved, how Chinmay wanted to share his most loved book with friends, no matter it is in such a dilapidated condition. It needed to be shared, because it is wonderful.

It inspires me, to live fully, share fully.


Learning to Visualise!

Chinmay hurt his finger while play during the day.

He is now snuggled up in his bed and shares that his finger is still hurting and whines a bit, on when will it get okay!

Mum says, Chinmay, instead of using your thoughts in this way, you could visualise and feel in your body, how would it feel in the body if your finger is again normal and the hurt and pain have disappeared! How would you feel? Feel that in your body, right now.

He listens. Pauses. It feels good to him.

And then he asks,

This means, if I visualise about a new Lego Set, it will appear in front of me after some days of visualising it?

(Mom with rolled up eyes) 🙂

Well, in that case, you have to start living like – what if that you already possess a new Lego set? How would you be? Would you still keep on asking about a new one? Or would you rather be joyous on possessing it already? Feeling contented? (Smart Mum!)

Chinmay Feels it. It feels good to him and he slowly doses away to sleep.

It’s simple to follow the heart !

While putting kids to bed, Mum is feeling sleepy.

As she turns around thinking that the kids have slept, and lamenting to herself

“This is the problem with winters, once you are in the bed, you don’t want to get out. The warmth is so attractive. Now, I had decided to work after you all sleep, and now I feel sleepy myself.”

Suddenly one of the bodies in that dark room moves and faces Mum to say

“Arey, ismein problem kya hai? Monkey mind hai. Uski to nahi sunni chahiye, heart ki suno. Heart sahi batata hai. Kar lo kaam apna.”

It’s chinmay!

कहानी एक माफ़ी की !

So, it was a regular day, as days are. Special, each one, very very special.

And Chinmay, Anand and Mummy were enjoying their playtime in the lawns. Both of them were playing with some fallen down tree branches, while mummy took a break into a book in the lawns.

Suddenly, mummy hears a noise, and sees that little one has had a kheencha-taani episode with the big little one, and the little one hammered the light tree branch on big-little one’s head.

C comes running towards mummy, after his own attempts to hit back fail. And as he is getting soothed, the little one realises that it was probably not the best thing to do, and hence goes a bit further away and sits on one corner, kind of doing a ‘pashchaataap’.

Mum and C, go to the little one doing silent time, all by himself.

M: Anand, main aapse ek baat poochon? aapne, mummy, bhaiya aur anand ko maaf kar diya kya?

A: maine mummy ko maaf kar diya, bhaiya ko maaf kar diya, lekin Anand ko maaf nahi kiya abhi.

M: (kind of frozen to hear this from this just a 4 yr old) Achcha, fir hum naa ek role-play karte hain.

Main hun Anand, aur aap mujhe hug karo, aur bolo, “koi baat nahi Anand, galti ho jaati hai, sab theek hai.”

(Anand follows and does the role play and hugs mummy, who is pretending to be Anand)

(After a few minutes)

M: Anand, aapne ab mummy, bhaiya aur Anand ko maaf kar diya?

A: Haan, kar diya !

And he goes off to play singing and jumping, joyfully.


Kaise banti hai Duniya?

Mum listening to *rafu* in loop, from tumhari sullu.

After the 4th repeat, Anand who is sitting next and has been silently lending ears to the songs lyrics, speaks up, while still busy in playing

A- duniya dhaagon se thode hi banti hai !!


Mum- hmm, kis se Banti hai fir, Anand?

A- bricks lo, usey ek ke upar ek Rakho, us par paint Karo, ban Gaya Ghar !

M- aur animals aur plants ?

A- thode se deer honge, wo jungle se aa kar eggs par baithenge, aur us mein se nikal aayengi murgiyan !! Bas, ho gayi duniya …


Beneath the veils

We were having Dinner, on a plate with a banana leaf on.

When the food was finished, curious Chinmay wanted to see what was below the banana leaf. As the leaf was not letting the stuff below it to be visible to clarity.

As he removed the layer of that banana leaf, he saw a beautiful pattern on the plate on which the leaf was kept!

He joyfully exclaimed, “Wow, ab mujhe pata chalaa, ki iske neeche plate par itna sundar pattern tha” (Now I got to know, what beautiful pattern lay there, on the plate below the leaf)

Something in me, automatically etched that sentence in my not so good memory.

As we uncover the veils, Joy comes forth, for what lies beneath is so so beautiful that it cannot be explained in enough words.

It is a life long Sadhna, then to dedicate oneself, in work, in action, to keep lifting the veils up, and live expressing the quintessential Joy that lies masked.